Indirect Bonding Module

IDB Transfer Tray

You no longer have to manually draw scribe lines on a model, it's done automatically. What took hours before takes minutes now. Brackets are placed with robotic precision.

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Ortho Insight 3D®

Ortho Insight 3D

Our trimmed bases are more natural looking because we do not try to fit a preformed base. Our method is similar to actual model trimming - but takes a fraction of the time!

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Facial Insight 3D

3D face scan

With our fully integrated face scanning, you can take a full 3D scan of your patient's face, and then have it automatically linked to 3D models in Ortho Insight 3D.

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We make powerful, versatile tools that allow you to do more while saving time and money.

  • High-resolution model scanning
    • Digitize plaster models to eliminate storage costs.
  • Precision Indirect Bonding
    • Proven to reduce treatment time by 30% or more.
  • Digital treatment planning
  • Instant non-radiation face scanning
    • Combines with dental models and x-rays to create a virtual patient
  • High-speed, high-resolution 3D printing
    • Faster and lower maintenance than competing printers.

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